born 1974 Adelaide, SA
lives in Sydney, NSW

The flotsam and jetsam of Asian flea markets, op shops and grocery aisles are what inspire me. I see potential in the everyday and ephemeral: colours, textures, patterns and patina that provide the basis for works both lasting and unique. Since visiting Japan on a school exchange, I have been fascinated by Asia. My more recent travel to Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, has fuelled my passion for all things Asian – cuisine, culture, art, fashion and architecture.

My art practice has morphed numerous times and through several mediums; at various times I have worked with glass, silver, textiles, resin and plastic. Treasures scoured from Asian marketplaces continually suggest new forms and functions. These ‘finds’ motivate me to experiment with different techniques and materials. The notion of transformation underpins not only my practice but also my pieces, and is particularly evident in my current focus on contemporary jewellery.  Here I have tried to communicate the grace of the commonplace – embedding Japanese rice paper into resin bangles, transforming silver-dipped chopstick ends into drop earrings, and giving the generic Chinese chopstick new life as bracelets, pendents and neckpieces.

Collins was awarded a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) in 2000 from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, NSW. Since then she has exhibited widely throughout Australia and internationally and has received many awards and grants, including an artist-in-residency to Beijing by the Australia-China Council in 2004. Collins is currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts), through Charles Sturt University.