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born 1948 Melbourne, VIC
lives in Mount Vincent, NSW

I have always been interested in the landscape but since moving onto a property, it has become the major theme in my work. My interest is in the detail rather than the grand or heroic landscape. Patterns, colours, textures, the changing shapes and the cycles of nature are recurring themes. Walking through the landscape, observing birds and animals – listening, thinking and meditating – all provide inspiration for the work.

I am involved in the politics of conservation and live on a property which is under a voluntary conservation agreement with National Parks and Wildlife. I also work in my community to regenerate and conserve what bush remains in the local government area.

The effects of human settlement on the landscape and the ways we can live within the landscape also fascinate me. The concept of the Australian landscape as something to fear and control, to ‘make tidy’ as opposed to the Indigenous attitude of living within the land in a partnership, also interests me.

My other main theme is ‘time’. Living in a landscape strewn with fossils from the Permian period forces one to think about the time before us – watching the seasons change, the migratory birds come and go, time passing, using stitch as a measure of time.

Born in Melbourne in 1948, Pamela studied Fine Art at RMIT (Diploma of Fine Art) majoring in painting and printmaking in 1967. Upon returning to Australia in the late 1980s after spending 10 years living in Asia and the USA raising four daughters, she studied textiles at Hornsby TAFE (Commercial Needlecraft Certificate) and began to use the medium to record her impressions of, and response to, the landscape.