born 1951
lives in Sydney, NSW

I have continued using the vessel form for creative expression as I find it carries within it this wonderful idea of antiquity – the footprints of our civilization. On to this timeless canvas I add a contemporary story using dry glazes and textured layers to conjure images of landscape, from the lime green lush of my immediate environment to the Australian red earth sea and sun.

The work is wheel thrown and then manipulated by hand, manifesting the inherent plasticity of the clay. Surfaces are enhanced with slips, oxide washes, and finally a dry glaze.

I want my work to have a beauty that speaks for itself. I want the viewer to experience the mystery within the surface, the balance and proportion of the form and the harmony that each piece engenders.

Simone Fraser was awarded a Graduate Diploma at Monash University Melbourne in 2000.  She now teaches part time at the Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE and the National Art School, Sydney.  She works from a home-based studio in Sydney.