born Australia
lives Sydney, NSW

Originally trained as an artist (B.A. Visual Arts), Meredith (Meri) Peach worked as an illustrator, but later studied biology (B.Sc., Ph.D.). She then worked as an academic researcher and lecturer for several years. One of Peach’s specialties was studying sharks, earning her the nickname ‘Shark Chic’. In 2004 she left academia to resume an artistic career.

Most of Peach's work is inspired by nature and very much informed by her biology background. Basketry and fibre art, using natural plant materials and synthetic or recycled materials, currently comprises about half of her artwork. Meri is inspired by natural structures such as cocoons, spider webs, shells, burrows, plankton and micro- organisms. Her recent basketry work speaks of various ecological concepts, the impact of humans on the natural world, and human relationships with the environment.

Recently Peach curated and participated in Groundcover, a joint exhibition with another artist at Primrose Park Gallery. She regularly teaches basketry and fibre sculpture workshops, and is a founding member of Basketry NSW and editor of their quarterly newsletter.