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born 1953 London, England
lives in Balmoral Village, NSW 

The material qualities of clay are essential to my work. The vocabulary is of earthiness, expressing a language of rich raw textures, rhythms and tactility.

My hand-built work is constructed from slabs of special clays that have been stretched and joined. Stretching clay produces unique textures and patterns that have qualities of both movement and stillness, an echo of the natural world – a testament to the effects of time.

I push, indent and sometimes stretch the thrown porcelain works. The pieces surviving this manipulation show fluidity and have an ‘alive’ quality that is very expressive. I constantly find myself at the edge of the medium’s tolerance in search of some nuance or essence of expression – physical, emotional and spiritual – subtly capturing life, energy and movement.

Sandy Lockwood graduated with a Certificate in Ceramics in 1980 from the National Art School, Sydney, and went on to be awarded a Master of Visual Arts in 2003 from Monash University, Melbourne.  Between 1982 and 2006 she has specialised in woodfired and saltglazed ceramics, participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions in England, USA, Europe, Korea and Japan, as well as Australia.