T: 0411986402

born 1969, Sydney, NSW
lives in Marrickville, NSW

Sydney-based jeweller, Vanessa Samuels began her studies in Jewellery and Object Design at the Enmore Design Centre in 1997. Since graduating in 1999 Vanessa has exhibited extensively, both nationally, and internationally in Germany, Scotland and travelling shows in the USA. In 1998 Vanessa was awarded a scholarship to study at the European Institute of Design in Milan, Italy, for a one-month Metalwork Summer school. Highlights in her career extend to an Australia Council grant for the Threefold exhibition in 2003 and an artist residency with Sturt Gallery for three months.

Vanessa has given various presentations/lectures and taught master classes in jewellery. While the designing and making process of exhibition work has been her main focus, individually commissioned pieces and small production ranges also comprise her work practice. Vanessa’s work has been widely published in jewellery books, magazines and catalogues and is currently a Co-curator of Exhibitions and Media with Metalab Gallery in Sydney.

Vanessa’s current collection of production work focuses on layering, stacking, repetition, morphing; a series of playful pieces exploring the graduating tones and layers of opaque coloured resins, casting shadows of different tonal qualities with organic shapes. Vanessa works from her studio in Marrickville NSW.