T: (+61) 02 9985 1200
E: info@janebarrow.com.au
W: www.janebarrow.com.au

born 1957, Bunbury, WA
lives in Moony Moony, NSW

Barrow’s works are intended to have an enduring classic integrity.  Streamlined forms using simple systems of patterning to embellish the surface and enhance the form. There are strong elements of repetition of line and refinement of surface that create rhythm and movement.

A background in textile design combined with an extensive study of traditional wood firing and decorating techniques in Japan are the foundation of her work.

For the past 2 decades, she has refined unique stoneware finishes made from crushed Mt Gibraltar rock fired in charcoal to create both subtle and highly lustrous copper like surfaces. Some of these are finishes rather than glazes that retain the refined and detailed clay surface of the forms. She also uses complexes multilayered and multi coloured random slip inlay patterns which create a depth of surface.

Her tableware is mainly from soft blue celedon glazes on carved porcelain. Her work retains a strong connection with functional aesthetics as a starting point for inspiration and creation in the search for beauty in the vessel.