T:  (+61)  02 49 57 07 67

born 1942 Sydney, NSW
lives in Newcastle, NSW

I began to make clay pots forty years ago, focusing on tableware. My primary aim is for the pots to stand alone, but also for them to be best understood as objects when involved in the daily rituals surrounding eating and drinking.

An experimental approach sustains my personal interest in the raw materials with which I work. I currently work with porcelain clays, playing with the way subtle differences within a group of similar pots help to define a particular form. Consequently, surface treatment is minimal, with occasional incised markings or the application of slips onto the wet clay pot.

IJones was awarded a Diploma of Studio Pottery in 1971 from Harrow School of Art and Technology, UK, and a Master of Fine Art (Research) in 2005 from The University of Newcastle, NSW. She has exhibited widely in the Hunter Region as well and Sydney.