T:  (+61)  02  4294 1334

born 1972, Esperance, WA
lives in Stanwell Park, NSW

I work with formal aspects of making, exploring compositions of colour, line and form. All my work is hand blown and is then cold worked using a glass cutting lathe.

I am interested in how glass can vacillate between translucency and opacity and the way it transmits light, accentuating volume and enveloping space. I literally flatten the objects to create a plane or flat surface from which to work on – this action essentially creates two sides to the object which I then carve into the form with the lathe. By doing this I make the form into a type of canvas which allows the surface cutting to become more integrated.

My work employs minimal qualities and aspects of the void within the composition, giving the work an implied other plane or dimension. I try to bring together these qualities to articulate a sense of space and to create an emotive response from the viewer.

Sewell was awarded a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Curtin University, W  in 1996, followed by a Diploma of Visual Arts in 1997 and a Graduate Diploma 1999 from the National Institute of the Arts, Australian National University, Canberra.  He received first prize in the Tom Malone Prize, Art Gallery of Western Australia in 2006 and the City of Perth Craft Award for Excellence in 2002. Sewell has also been the recipient of two Australia Council for the Arts grants and is currently an Associate Lecturer at Sydney College of the Arts, whilst regularly exhibiting nationally and overseas.