T: (+61) 02 4943 2664


lives in Lake Macquarie, NSW

My sculptural forms are made from paperclay, which enables me to make large fine forms with a surface of multilayered slips (coloured clay coatings) and terrasigillatas (a fine surface with a soft sheen).  I create visual and tactile textures by imprinting, sgraffito and distressing; that is, scraping and sanding back the surface. Subtle colours are achieved by varying the thickness of the layers beneath the glazes which have varying levels of gloss and translucency.

The concept is both archaeological and geological, giving the feeling of erosion and ageing and of the discovery of what lies beneath the surface.

I studied at the National Art School, Sydney. While there I was fortunate enough to study with, among others, Peter Rushforth and Shiga Shigeo. The experience led me to embark on the complementary careers of studio ceramics and teaching. After leaving Sydney, I set up a production studio with my first husband, also a potter, on the southern shores of Lake Macquarie. More recently I have moved to the north-eastern side of the lake where I have diversified into more sculptural and mainly hand-formed vessels. I still produce a range of homewares in both porcelain and earthenware.